IMVG Military Show Naas, Ireland 2018

Irish Military Vehicles Group (IMVG) Annual Military Show, June 23rd & 24th, 2018, Naas, Ireland.

Ask any number of people about what they want and expect from a military vehicle and re-enactment show and you are going to a wide range of opinions.

Be it families looking for an exciting day out to amuse the kids, a collector looking for that valuable purchase to complete their collection, the military vehicle enthusiast looking for the opportunity to get up close and personal with their favourite ‘ride’ or the uniform ‘buff’ just looking, the IMVG annual military vehicle show 2018 ticked all the boxes and more.

The easily found Naas racecourse provided the ideal location and great parking facilities. The perfect weather topped it off.

This two full-day event is packed with vehicle and equipment displays, retailers of original military memorabilia and reproduction uniforms and equipment and numerous re-enactment groups covering an eclectic mix of themes.

Small arms galore mixed with communications equipment from various eras, mortars supported by a display of a 25 pounder in excellent display condition gave an ideal backdrop to the vehicles themselves.

Thanks to Diarmaid O’Conner from IMVG

The many of soft skin vehicles reflected the important UN peacekeeping role played by the Irish state.

As is usual as with these events, one was able to see any number of individuals walking around wearing various uniforms ranging from the usual mix of German and American WWII to the more unusual Free French and naturally the representations of the early examples of the Irish National Army uniforms.

Thanks to Stephen – Forces Françaises de l’Intérieur

Former Swedish serviceman, Mathias and his service dog, Noffe

Operation – Vanilla Ice

We could have done with these at Isandlwana

The standard of presentation for both vehicles and uniforms was very high, with great attention to detail. This was true of a large number of jeeps and Landrovers and other soft skin vehicles on display.

An interesting display was that of the half-ton Landrover of the Saudi Arabian Land Force.

 One of the more unusual re-enactments displays was that of the ‘Desert Strom Re-enactment Group. This group, which is Irish based, focusses on representing a mix of SAS, US and Dutch special-forces. With appropriate examples of weaponry favoured by these forces. Their camouflaged observation post makes for a striking sight. I recommend that you visit their Facebook page, search for

Thanks to Mark, Brian, Robert, Caimin and Daragh

Representing a time 20 plus years before Desert Storm, the display by NAMSOFT Ireland put on a creditable display of a US checkpoint during the Vietnam War. I spoke with Anthony from Namsoft – who represented the ‘MP you don’t mess with’ very well. Here to, the standard of uniform presentation and detail was picture perfect, taking one right back to those television news reports and images that some of us are old enough to remember. Visit them on their Facebook page

The overall feedback from the stall holders was very positive, a number saying how the organisers had gone the extra mile to provide for both visitor, stall holders and exhibits. This was shared by many members of the public – some regular visitors and other first time visitors who were unanimous in their praise for the standard of the show.

The range of vehicles on display was both varied and interesting. The soft skins were accompanied by some interesting armour types. These consisted of a Spartan, an OT-90, a Ferret scout car and an FV603 Saracen APC.


Ferret Scout car



With good parking, refreshments, enthusiastic exhibitors and vendors, IMVG Annual Military Show, Naas is a genuine ‘analogue’ interactive experience for the whole family, enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Visit the IMVG Facebook page and make a plan to visit the show in 2019.