The 2019 Irish Military Vehicle Group annual show in Naas, Ireland.

The 2019
Irish Military Vehicle Group
annual show in Naas, Ireland.

This event, held over days in June, is both well attended and popular with families and enthusiasts alike. While the weather on day was ideally suited to this event, day two was a little chilly and rain eventually made an unwelcome appearance.

A range of beautifully present light armour and soft skinned vehicle were on show along with a number of re-enactment group stands and purveyors of a wide variety of imitation items, as well as a few original items.

Food and drink was on hand, so all in all everything was in place to give hard core enthusiasts and families a good day out.

Day two was also a day of remembrance for Ireland’s long standing commitment to the UN’s various peace missions around the world. Many veterans attended the event, and the Pipers of the Irish UN Veterans Association stirred the crowds.

Many of these veterans had served in peacekeeping missions ranging from the Lebanon in 1958 through Cyprus, Sinai, Iran Iraq, Somalia, Eritrea Bosnia and Kosovo, East Timor, Liberia, Chad and more recently in Syria.

To accompany this event, a number of examples of light armour and soft skinned vehicle and jeeps carrying UN markings were to be seen.

The rain also provided a challenge to the reenactors bearing muskets. The old adage of keeping one’s powder dry was reinforced when the members of the Kalbar Militia were defeated by the rain. But their drill and turn out still enthralled the crowds.

The day ended with a simulated ‘firefight’ between elements of US army and ‘Airborne’ reenactors and ‘old men and boys’ of the German army.  History’s outcome did not change!

This event is well worth attending even if the weather tries a flanking move. 
See our short video of the event on our YouTube channel.
IMVG Naas 2019